Compact and cost-effective inventory solution for linen managers in hotels and hospitals

ACUITY Connect combines highly performant fixed / handheld UHF stations and a cloud-based reporting platform, allowing linen managers to gain rapid and real-time overview of their stocks to:

  • Better control linen going in and out their facility
  • Improve the management of their daily/monthly requirements
  • Optimize labor costs

ACUITY Connect applications are user-friendly and enables fast and efficient inventory counts at strategic stages:

  • Linen coming in from the laundry
  • Linen dispatch to various services
  • Stock taking in linen rooms
  • Soiled linen check-out

ACUITY Connect leverages the power of cloud computing and pervasive mobile devices and RFID stations to allow users to gain a rapid and simple overview of their linen stock levels and determine which items and in which quantities are at any given time.

Real-time reporting for linen managers

Stock Reports
Linen Usage
Inventories Report

As a linen manager, you have access to real-time online reports and interactive dashboards, delivering critical information on linen flows, clean versus soiled linen usage, dormant stocks and linen losses.


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