Real-time linen inventory visibility at last

ACUITY is a complete IoT, RFID-based platform enabling REAL-TIME INVENTORY AVAILABILITY/ VISIBILITY over textile assets, from linen manufacturers to laundry groups and their customers in the Hospitality and Healthcare industry.

ACUITY is an innovative and proven technology platform combining RFID tags, equipment, software suites and services, to efficiently identify, track and monitor linen, increase financial gains through reduced operational costs, optimize stock movements and purchases, and improve customer satisfaction.

Linen data is collected, stored, analyzed, and acted on, in real-time, from the RFID-enabled equipment. ACUITY enables to transform the RFID data into rich, interactive dashboards and reports, providing a comprehensive and real-time overview of your linen stocks by article reference or individual items, per zones in your facility and at customer sites. ACUITY allows you to significantly improve linen life-cycle management, optimize washing schedules, anticipate deliveries, identify lost or misplaced items and manage cage assets as well.

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ACUITY Linen management process

Key Facts

  • Complete visibility over your linen stocks… anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time analytics and reports to optimize your business operations
  • Latest generation RFID tags and reading equipment (table-top stations, cabins and handheld readers)
  • 25+ installations at major laundry sites worldwide (contact us for references)

ACUITY is designed for use in the following markets


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