Secure and ease your linen management services, so you can better focus on patient care

In addition to the complexity of timely processing tons of textile items per week, and to increased labor and operating costs, Healthcare facilities have also been forced to become more concerned with an ever more demanding clientele.

Our ACUITY linen inventory management solution, backed by the expertise, experience and innovation

we are known for, provides a real-time sight-line into your linen inventory and availability, and helps your reduce your linen services operating costs while increasing your patient security and satisfaction.

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What ACUITY will do for you

Linen management can be very time consuming and labor intensive, often mobilizing experienced personnel resources and keeping them away from their core responsibilities with patients. Our linen tracking and inventory management solution, based on fast and accurate RFID technology, helps you:

  • save time and effort involved in counting and controlling clean and soiled linen
  • eliminate manual errors
Linen availability is a source of frustration for clinical staff who are focused on patient care. Invengo’s linen visibility platform provides the tools to automatically and in real-time track clean and soiled items continuously through the entire linen cycle, therefore helping to reduce dormant stocks and ensure service quality standards to meet the hospital’s needs.
Our linen visibility platform helps you ensure that your medical linen service is optimized and efficient, with regular rotations of your stored linen to help keep it fresh and free from communicable diseases.

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