ACUITY for Industrial Laundries and Groups

With a clear vision over your customer linen stocks, you can focus on reducing your total cost of operation and make relevant business decisions.

Using ACUITY, Invengo’s Linen Management Platform, in your laundry will enable you to automatically count and trace your linen in real-time at each step of the laundry cycle and at your customer sites.

Placed at strategic zones in your laundry plant, RFID-enabled fixed and mobile equipment, specifically designed for rough and challenging industrial laundry environments (i.e. humidity, heat, rough handling), collect data from RFID tags discreetly embedded in the linen.

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What ACUITY will do for you

  • Gain real-time visibility over your linen inventory, at the laundry and at customer sites
  • Accurately track and monitor linen usage and life-cycle durability
  • Increase customer linen rotations to reduce your overall inventory capacity and eliminate dormant stocks
  • Obtain rapid and reliable linen counts at every step of your laundry cycle: receiving, sorting, order preparation, shipping & collect/delivery at customer sites
  • Enable accurate and timely billing
  • Improve laundry production planning, reduce shortage situations and anticipate your customer requirements
  • Save on labor costs related to on-site customer inventories
  • Access to our cloud-based platform for real-time dashboards and reports on your linen stock levels, laundry cycle flows, and trends on linen usage by your customers
  • Leverage the benefits of data generated by RFID technology to optimize your business decisions, improve your business model, be more competitive

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