Weather conditions impact the vehicles in many ways. Most of us think that winter is the only season that could hugely impact your vehicle, but that’s not the fact, you should maintain the vehicle to ensure a smooth experience in all the other seasons too.

The season will show different impacts on your vehicle, it also depends on where you live. Some areas might have heavy winters with snow, whereas in some areas there might be rainy winters without snow. So when you plan for seasonal car maintenance, choose what strategy will work for you.

Here is a list of required seasonal car maintenance. Once you follow the seasonal car maintenance, you can experience a smooth drive without any sudden breakdowns.

A quick review of seasonal maintenance

Winter car maintenance – Check the batteries, windshield wipers, tires, fuel tank, and motor oil

Fall car maintenance –  Don’t fail to check the transmission, brakes, power steering, motor oil, and windshield wipers

Summer car maintenance –  Inspect the cooling system, tires, motor oil, AC, and suspension system

Spring car maintenance – Inspect the ignition system, caps, fluids, headlights, tire rotation, interior, wipers, and motor oil.

Fall and Winter

Make sure your car is capable of handling all the issues during the winter season. Better you can book car service in the fall to handle the bad winter. Early preventive measures will save more time and money, before heading out look whether you’re packed with all the basic supplies

The most common issues to get repaired for winter are:

Tires: Make sure your tires have good thread depth and are aligned. Your tires need to be perfectly aligned and rotated between the seasons.

Windshield repair: Due to the temperature changes, even a small untreated cracks could expand and grow when going from colder to warmer temperatures

Full Engine Tune-up

Battery replacement: if your battery is old, it won’t hold up well in cold weather

Brake repair: Before you head out for a drive, have a habit of checking the brakes. Make sure it works well and has enough padding for road trips.

Spring and Summer

Summer is the best time for vacation, everyone will enjoy the road trips. Before you move out, ensure that the car is in good working condition. It’s a good idea to service your car in the early spring to save money and to prepare for any major expenses. 

The most common issues to have your car serviced for in Spring/Summer:

Tire pressure: Check whether your tires have the appropriate amount of pressure before a road trip. This will help to avoid a blast and increase fuel efficiency

Wiper blades: During a heavy storm, obviously your wiper blades will be damaged. It’s better to replace it every 6 months for increased visibility

Fluid check: Before a road trip, inspect whether your fluid levels are up to standard. Especially your coolant levels, the low coolant fluid can result in your car overheating.

Prepare your vehicle for a specific season by performing all the above simple maintenance!