UHF/RAIN RFID Product Portfolio – Textile Services

Invengo provides a wide range of UHF (RAIN RFID) and HF products designed for the Laundry & Textile Services industry. Both hardware and consumables are suitable for identification and tracking of textile products.

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Product overview


Frequency 860 to 960 MHz
15 x 67 mm (0.59 x 2.63 in)
Monza 5 Integrated Circuit
Designed for hem insertion

LinTRAK C15 Product Details


Frequency 860 to 960 MHz
20 x 60 mm (0.78 x 2.36 in)
Monza 5 Integrated Circuit
Specifically designed for linen products

LinTRAK C Product Details

LinTRAK LinTRAK C-MRI (MR Conditional)

Frequency 860 to 960 MHz
20 x 60 mm (0.78 x 2.36 in)
Compatible with MRI systems
Easily affixed to textile items

LinTRAK C-MRI Product Details


7 x 7 mm (0.27 x 0.27 in)
Frequency 860 to 960 MHz
Monza 5 Integrated Circuit
Ideal to identify small items

MuTRAK Product Details

Laundry CAGE Tag

Two sizes, with or without barcode
865 to 868 MHz or 902 to 928 MHz
IP65 rated
Easy to affix

Cage Tags Product Details

u-Door Cabin

Mass reading or encoding
Automatic door lock system
Shielded structure
Multiple item check-in and check-out

u-Door Product Details

u-Door Lite

Multiple item check-in and -out in cages/trolleys
Manual door lock system in the front
Lightweight and easy to install
Smaller than the standard u-DOOR

u-Door Lite Product Details

e-WAY 500 Portal

Multiple item check-in and -out in cages/trolleys
Passthrough Station
Low footprint, low profile
Lightweight and easy to install

e-WAY 500 Product Details

SPU500 EAS Station

Compact surveillance station
Controlled RF field
Usable in confined environments
Detects moving and static items

SPU500 Product Details

TTS500 Smart Table-Top Station

Embeds Invengo’s ACUITY cloud-based platform
Wide reading zone
Network failure proof

TTS500 Product Details

PAD500 Reading Station

USB connection to PC
Low profile, fully integrated
Various read/write applications
Small and convenient table-top station

PAD500 Product Details

TSL1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader

User-friendly, ergonomic design
Works with any Bluetooth-
enabled device

TSL1128 Product Details

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