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Need more information about Invengo's e-WAY 500 Portal, or just want to learn how we can help you optimize your linen inventory management? Please contact our team.
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About Invengo’s e-WAY 500 Portal

The Invengo e-WAY 500 is a UHF RFID portal station enabling fast inventories of cages passing through, filled with multiple RFID-tagged products. The e-WAY 500 is light-weight and space-saving offering a compact and small footprint solution for environments where space is limited. The e-WAY 500 smart design offers a low profile, easy to install solution further simplifying the logistics and deployment of your RFID system for linen management.

Main Features

  • Multiple item check-in and check-out in cages/trolleys

  • Passthrough Station

  • Low footprint, low profile

  • Lightweight and easy to install

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