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Need more information about Invengo's LinTRAK C15-S Standard & Heat-Sealable UHF Tags, or just want to learn how we can help you optimize your linen inventory management? Please contact our team.
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About Invengo’s LinTRAK C15-S Standard & Heat-Sealable UHF Tags

Invengo’s LinTRAK C15-S RFID (UHF) tags are used to identify linen and textile products. Featuring a softer, thinner and more flexible line, LinTRAK C15-S tags provide an even more discreet insertion into textile items. LinTRAK C15-S come in 2 different versions: a standard version and a heat-sealable version (see Technical Specifications for details).

Main Features

  • Easy to affix onto textile items

  • Soft and flexible

  • One standard version and one heat-sealable version

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